Welcome to Vishwa Jyoti Communications, Nepali Kothi, Varuna Bridge,Varanasi, U.P., India

Welcome to Vishwa Jyoti Communications

INTRODUCTION: Vishwa Jyoti Communications is a centre for media, art and culture which is committed to promotion of human rights, primary education, communal harmony, community building, and development through low-cost media.

VISION: We, who are Engaged in the Empowerment of the Poor and the Marginalised, Emerge as Collective Body to Communicate through People's own media the Human Dignity in Praxis and Journey Together towards Awareness, Animation and Collective Action.

ABOUT US: Vishwa Jyoti Communications (VJC) is in the 23rd year of its foundation. As we are in the second decade we realize that it is an opportunity for introspection, retrospection and for revitalizing our energies to fulfill the dreams of the founders and for the common people of our country. The present day media scenario has become synonymous to satellite broadcasting only. As our cities and suburbs are inundated with cable networking, we at VJC realize that we need to continue to tread the unbeaten path of folk media and low-cost media, not because it involves less money, but for having experienced its power and capacity to change the society. So we are on a constant struggle to reinforce our focus on outreach programmes, on new types of training and with new attempts at production. We are privileged to have new staff committed and qualified for the various jobs of dissemination of truth.

Recent Activities

Inter Religious Group in Varanasi organises Blood Donation Camp for Covid-19 Victims   |   Posted on Varanasi 19 April 2021    by Admin

Amidst the gloom of death toll rising high in Varanasi due to Covid-19, Christians, Hindus and Muslims came together for organising a series of blood donation camps. Vishwa Jyoti Jansanchar Samiti and the e Varanasi unit of the Conference of Religious of India (CRI), an organisation of men and women of Catholic religious orders led by Father Anand Mathew IMS and Dr. Louis Prakash SJ, in collaboration with Manav Rakt (Human Blood) Foundation led by Abu Hashim, and Popular Blood Bank led by Dr. Somesh, held its first camp in St. Marys Convent in Varanasi Cantt on 19th April 2021.

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Vishwa Jyoti Communications was founded in 1991 by the Indian Missionary Society to give audio visual and media support to the society's ministry of rural development, literacy programmes, primary education, community health, people's organisation, communal harmony, inter religious dialogue, and religious programmes for the spread of peace, harmony, justice, reconciliation and love.

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