Training in Poppetry & Other

Training In Puppetry, Mask Making and Other Low Cost Visual Arts:

For ages puppet show has been popular entertainment form in India. Puppetry has been widely used in education for both adults and children. VJC gives training in glove puppets, paper puppets and papier mache puppets. Among these papier mache puppets are most popular as they are durable and attractive.

Training in puppetry conducted by Vishwa Jyoti Communications involves:-

Preparation : script writing, making the puppets, rehearsal and publicity about the performance. The process of making the puppets is long but interesting, as it involves the art of sculpturing, moulding and painting.

Performance : the trainees are trained to manipulate the puppets from behind the screen, along with voice manipulation and music accompaniment.

Evaluation: the trainees are taught to evaluate and interact with the audience, in order to give enough feed back to improvise the presentation. In this process they are also taught to involve the local people and identify resource persons to strengthen their future presentations.

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