Prerana Kala Manch

DEC 1993 TO DEC 2020
S.N. Types of Plays No of Shows/Plays Approx No of Audience
1 Street Plays 7983 2798435
2 Stage Plays of Premchand 1175 555955
3 Socio Cultural Stage Plays 344 919715
4 Puppet Plays 8 6340

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A Campaign to make creative intervention towards

  • Promotion of Human Rights
  • Primary Education
  • Communal Harmony
  • Community Building
  • Community Health
  • Developing Fullness of Life
  • Cultural Development
  • Peoples Organisation

A movement of Art against the Onslaught of

  • Liberalisation, Globalisation and Privatisation(LPG)
  • Communalism
  • Fascism
  • Corruption
  • Injustice
  • Caste-Class Divisions
  • Child Labour
  • Gender Discrimination and Women's Exploitation

Genesis of this Movement

At the request of Fr.Anil Dev IMS, the founder of Vishwa Jyoti Communications, Mr. Moti Lal Gupta directed a play "Kaun Hai Zimmedar", an adaptation of "Raja Ka Baja". The first show was on 25th Dec.1993.

As per the records up to 31 Dec. 2013, Prerana Kala Manch has performed 6184 shows of streets plays on various themes and shows of Stage plays. Approximately 1842045 people have watched the street plays and people have watched stage shows. (Thus altogether people across the country have watched these dramas.

Prerana Kala Manch’s Overall Objective

Prerana Kala Manch works

  • To become creative and autonomous learners of the selected medium of theatre.
  • To understand the potential of this medium.
  • To master the technical skills and artistic elements of this medium.
  • To eventually express one’s feelings and idea through this medium.
  • To enable others to express in their own medium and language.
  • To give fullness of life to the deprived and the marginalized poor of the vast Hindi belt by being with them in their struggle to obtain basic human rights.
  • And thus to build a human community based on the values of love, peace, justice and collaboration beyond the walls of caste, religion, sect or gender.