Training in Communication and Media Skills

In the media age of today training in Media skills is found to be a creative and powerful means of communication. For the last 18 years Vishwa Jyoti Communications (VJC) has been involved in imparting social values through this media. Low Cost Media lead us to view the society in a constructive way. These also help us to enter into communion with the lives of the people in a deeper way and find solutions for the same. In the process of training, these media allow the participants to share and exteriorize their life experiences. The media not only give them a chance to reveal themselves as they are, but give them ample opportunities to express and explore themselves. For this, we have to be bold enough to convey the message in a language that is understandable to the people of today.

Training in Communication and Media Skills include Inter-personal Communication, Personality Developement, Graphic Arts, Journalism, Dramatics and Advertisements. Graphic Arts which include posters, collage, bulletin boards, charts etc. appear very simple but powerfully communicate direct messages and straightforward informations, to all type of people even the illiterate. A poster also depicts how one views oneself and society around. VJC has very well planned training on Poster making as well created lot of interests among the trainees. In the process of this training the trainees realized the power these have in giving social messages.

Training in low-cost media is not imparted in a classroom but in basic communities or in small groups of animators, youth and children. Low cost media may not have much impact on a large crowd. Because in low-cost media interaction is also important. Interaction between trainers and trainees too is very important. A small group of people will not only discuss their views, but also get involved in doing something constructively. The training introduces important issues which are vital and invokes the participants to pursue their dialogue with one another. It also allows time for a fellowship, sharing and discussion.