Video Productions - Social Change through visual Media

Documentaries and tale films for the promotion of culture, inter-religious harmony, and other humane values are regularly being produced in digital format. For this VJC has a small post production studio with nonlinear editing system and a digital 3CCD video camera DSR250P of Sony.

Documentary and Tele Films made by VJC

No. Name of Film Year Theme
1. Udgaar 1991 The Birth and Growth of IMS
2. Heritage 1994 Hindu Culture
3. Kaun Hai Zimmedaar 1996 Three Street Plays
4. Ummid Ki Tarange 1998 Education of Deaf and Dumb
5. The New Sprouting Plant 1999 Services of FSM Sisters
6. Northwards Upwards 2000 Services of Helpers of Mary
7. Reaching the Unreached 2000 Folk Media for Social Change
8. The Epic of Man Becoming God 2000 The Ramleelas of Varanasi
9. The Anointed Pioneers Vol. 1 2002 Services of IMS
10. Banaras Declaration 2003 Fight Against Communalism
11. Street Plays (7 Vols.) 2003 14 Street Plays
12. Environmental Management 2004 Functioning of Pollution Control Boards
13. Lenten Prayer Service 2004 Prayer Services
14. Chickpea Cultivation 2004 Chickpea cultivation for CRS
15. Do Boond Zindagi Ke 2004 On Polio Eradication
16. Lahartara Ki Hatya 2004 On Kabir’s Birthplace
17. Spiritual Discourses 2004 Talks by Bro. Thomas Paul
18. Raksha Bandhan 2004 Tying Of Rakhis On Trees
19. Doodh Adhoora 2004 An Ad film by Shekhar
20. Bahi Khata 2004 Biblical Puppetry Play
21. Mehandiganj Where Life Is At Stake 2005 On exploitation of water by Coca-cola
22. Springs of Life 2006
23. Anointed Pioneers Vol. II 2006 Services of IMS
24. The Last Journey I 2006 Last Journey of Fr. Vinod IMS
25. Kala Tarang 2007 Musical Album of Srishti
26. Drishti Divas 2007 On Service to the Blind
27. Jan Vikas Samiti – Vol. I 2007 A Docu. on JVS Services
28. KSB Pumps 2007 An Ad film
29. PKM’s Folk Dances 2007 Four dances by PKM artistes
30 Hemophilia 2007 A Docu on Hemophilia
31 IMS Pioneers Vol. 1 - 18 2007 Life & Services of 18 Missioners
32. The Last Journey II 2007 Of Fr. Dayasheel IMS
33. Jan Vikas Samiti- II 2008 A Docu. on JVS Services
34. Pukar Sunane Wala 2008 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
35. Pap Aur Mukti 2008 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
36. Punarutthan 2008 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
37. Dukh Aur Vishwas 2008 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
38. Prarthana 2008 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
39. Vishwas 2008 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
40. Jeevan Sangharsh 2008 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
41. Antaryaami Pavitra Atma 2008 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
42. Asli Dhan 2008 A Biblical drama
43. The Last Journey III 2008 Of Late Fr. Prabhuraj IMS
44. Asmita 2008 Docu. On Asmita Services
45. Maa Sant. Alphonsa 2008 A tele film
46. Khrist Bhakta Movement 2008 A documentary
47. Maa Ka Chamatkaar 2008 Miracles of Mother Mary
48. Natya Anushthan Vol 1 - 6 2009 37 dramas of World Record
49. New Life League 2009 A Documentary
50. St. Joseph’s School 2009 A Documentary on Silver Jubilee
51. The Last Journey IV 2009 Of Late Fr. Yashveer IMS
52. Dat of Commitment 2009 First & Final Profession of OLP Srs.
53. DOST 2010 On St. Joseph School.
54. Heal the World 2010 A multimedia stage show
55. Mother Teresa 2010 A short tele-film
56. Water 2010 On Water Conservation
57. Peace on Earth I 2010 Christmas Program by Vijeta Ministry
58. Gauri 2010 The Specially Abled
59. Fashion Show of the Disabled 2010 The Specially Abled
60. Raghuvanshi, The Seed Man 2010 A film by Suma Joson
61. Sapna Sajal Ba 2010 A Play on Self Governance
62. Jeevan Dhara 2010 Album of Charismatic Songs
63. Peace on Earth II 2010 Christmas Program by Vijeta Ministry
64. JVS, Committed to People’s Development 2011 A Documentary
65. Life on Track 2011 Children on Railway Platforms
66. Healing 2011 Sandesh Clinic of Banarasi Master
67. Mamta Ki Maa 2011 A multi media show on Mother Teresa
68. Dusari Azadi 2011 For A Corruption-free India
69. A Ray of Hope 2011 Stage Play by OLP Sisters
70 Mukti Ka Sandesh 2011 Sp. Discourse by Swami Anil Dev
71. Badhte Kadam 2011 Ad Film

Audio Cassettes

Social awakening songs and dramas on literacy, people's organization and on other issues as well as religious songs for building up human communities and global peace are produced and distributed. These productions are mostly in Hindi and Bhojpuri.

Audio Cassette Production through VJC

Social Awareness Songs Lyturgical Hymns Charismatic Talk
Kranti 1992 Poojan Anand Ka Sandesh
Pukar 1993 Sneh Deep Prem Ka Sandesh
Kranti Ki Lahar Dukhbhog Varnan ur Punaruthan par Stuti Gan Towards Fuller Life
Nari Ki Lalkar
Ek Hain Hum
Bhajan Bhojpuri Folk Songs Meditation
Aa ja Mere Prabhu Janamalan Lalanawa Dhyan Sargam
Darshan Pritiya Ka Bali Prathana Manjari
Naman Bhakti Ki Shakti Yoga Nidra
Panchi Gaayen
Sadhana Geet
Ek Pal Tere Saath
Tere Rakt Me
Prabhu Kirtan