Street Play Training Cum Workshop

Street theatre is a recent medium of Performing Arts which integrates traditional folk arts of India. These folk arts have been kept alive for centuries by the creativity of well-accomplished actors. In recent years street play has emerged as a living and dynamic force in the socio-cultural milieu of the present day society. Comprising of a popular expression of the people, it absorbs different languages, performing styles and methods of appeal. Theatre in the streets in India is an artistic expression of left wing political thinking. Born out of the need for a social change it is essentially a people’s theatre embracing the daily life of the common man. In street theatre, there is direct reflection of values and social relevance, which begin to serve the purpose of social communication. Street theatre is a no-cost medium and mobile but in itself it has indeed a tremendous potential. Simplicity, effectiveness, flexibility, mobility and participation make the street theatre a popular vehicle in communicating issues related to development. It reaches to the people of poorer sections who are unable to go to the elite city theatres and it can be performed anywhere, and any time.

VJC has been actively involved in conducting this training cum workshop in street theatre since 1992. The syllabus on Street Play Training is planned in such a way that the trainees will definitely grasp not only the basics of dramatics, but get to know the deeper and practical knowledge. While conducting this training the trainers make it interesting by using a lot of elements of folk theatre and music, keeping in mind, the understanding of the culture of the place, people and their traditions. The participants are trained in this skill to become powerful instruments to educate and motivate others towards people’s movement. The training is conducted to many groups of school children, college youth, social workers, animators, religious people and even illiterate rural men and women. The training involves preparation of the script, rehearsal, performance and the evaluation. The script involves careful planning. Their constructions are related to the reality and culture of the audience in order to have the desired impact on the performance. The overall effectiveness of this training lies mainly on the group participation. To make it effective, we use a lot of techniques of physical theatre, symbolic expression, symbolic costumes etc. Several exercises facilitate team building.

You are welcome to approach us for conducting street play workshops and to form Street Play
Troupes in your place.
No. of days: 6 to 8 days.
No. of participants: 20 to 40 people.

Inform us three months in