Street Play Training Cum Workshop

Street theatre is a recent medium of Performing Arts which integrates traditional folk arts of India. These folk arts have been kept alive for centuries by the creativity of well-accomplished actors. In recent years street play has emerged as a living and dynamic force in the socio-cultural milieu of the present day society. Comprising of a popular expression of the people, it absorbs different languages, performing styles and methods of appeal. Theatre in the streets in India is an artistic expression of left wing political thinking. Born out of the need for a social change it is essentially a people’s theatre embracing the daily life of the common man. In street theatre, there is direct reflection of values and social relevance, which begin to serve the purpose of social communication. Street theatre is a no-cost medium and mobile but in itself it has indeed a tremendous potential. Simplicity, effectiveness, flexibility, mobility and participation make the street theatre a popular vehicle in communicating issues related to development. It reaches to the people of poorer sections who are unable to go to the elite city theatres and it can be performed anywhere, and any time.

VJC has been actively involved in conducting this training cum workshop in street theatre since 1992. The syllabus on Street Play Training is planned in such a way that the trainees will definitely grasp not only the basics of dramatics, but get to know the deeper and practical knowledge. While conducting this training the trainers make it interesting by using a lot of elements of folk theatre and music, keeping in mind, the understanding of the culture of the place, people and their traditions. The participants are trained in this skill to become powerful instruments to educate and motivate others towards people’s movement. The training is conducted to many groups of school children, college youth, social workers, animators, religious people and even illiterate rural men and women. The training involves preparation of the script, rehearsal, performance and the evaluation. The script involves careful planning. Their constructions are related to the reality and culture of the audience in order to have the desired impact on the performance. The overall effectiveness of this training lies mainly on the group participation. To make it effective, we use a lot of techniques of physical theatre, symbolic expression, symbolic costumes etc. Several exercises facilitate team building.

1November1992Matridham Ashram Varanasi15Social Activist of BenipurAnand IMS
2December1992Matridham Ashram Varanasi11Social Activist of BenipurAnand IMS
3March1994Bhitari Ghazipur20Social AnimatorsAnand IMS
4June1994Matridham Ashram Varanasi10Social Animators of NandganjMotilal Gupta
5September1994Matridham Ashram Varanasi15Girls and Women from BenipurAnand IMS
6June1995NDCC Patna20Religious WomenMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
7March1995PGSS Gorakhpur36Social Activists & YouthMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
8April1995Joelikote Nainital54Theology StudentsAnand IMS
9May1995Nav Sadhana Varanasi32Social WorkersMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
10August1995Matridham Ashram Varanasi15Village WomenSaroj Mishra & Anand IMS
11September1995Lok Chetana Samiti, Sarnath20Rural Social WorkersSaroj Mishra & Anand IMS
12November1995Bhitari Mission Ghazipur20Village YouthMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
13November1995Meja, Allahabad34Rural Social WorkersAnand IMS
14September1996Nav Sadhana Varanasi32Media Coordinators(ICC VIII)Motilal Gupta & Anand IMS
15January1997Amritpali Ballia24Catechists & EvangelistsAnand IMS
16January1997St Mary Convent, Varanasi25School StudentsMotilal Gupta & Rajesh Srivastava
17April1997Mahuadanr, Palamu JHK25Village YouthMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
18June1997Youth Centre, Khandwa28Catholic YouthMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
19July1997Auxilium Shelter Home, Mumbai17Street Children (Girls & Boys)Motilal Gupta
20July1997Karunashray Hospital, Sultanpur22Village WomenMotilal Gupta & Rajesh Srivastava
21August1997Jeevan Jyoti Ashram, Koderma, Bihar22Youth & Social AnimatorsMotilal Gupta & Rajesh Srivastava
22September1997CRI,Masihgarh, Delhi27Media Coordinators(ICC VIII)Anand IMS
23December1997Comm. Centre, Ballarshah76Youth & Social AnimatorsAnand IMS
24January1998Bakhtiyarpur, Bihar36Youth & Social WorkersJayamani & Anand IMS
25January1998Meja, Allahabad15Street Play ArtistesMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
26February1998Pastoral Centre, Chandigarh60Youth & Social WorkersMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
27February1998ADSS Agra23Youth & Social WorkersJayamani & Anand IMS
28May1998Barasat, Calcutta WB43Theology StudentsAnand IMS
29May1998Don Bosco Shelter, Mumbai33Street ChildrenMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
30June1998Jeevan Jyoti, Ganjam, Mysore18Theology StudentsMotilal Gupta & Anand IMS
31June1998St Joseph School, Kalimpong, WB40Religious WomenMotilal Gupta & Prabhakar IMS
32August1998Pastoral Centre, Kalimpong, WB38Youth & Theatre ArtistesMotilal Gupta & Prabhakar IMS
33September1998SJS, Kalimpong, WB38Theatre ArtistesMotilal Gupta
34September1998Kasiadih, Hazaribagh Jharkhand29Youth & Social ActivistsMotilal Gupta
35January1999Akalpur, Jammu50Women Workers & StudentsMotilal Gupta & Prabhakar IMS
36February1999Pastoral Centre, Chandigarh14Media Coordinators (ICCX)Anand IMS
37February1999Sambha, Jammu51Social WorkersMotilal Gupta & Prabhakar IMS
38April1999Pastoral Centre, Binjiya, Mandla, MP32CatechistsAnand IMS
39May1999CMS School, Lucknow25School StudentsAnand IMS & Roy G
40June1999Prem Nagar, Jammu23Children & YouthMotilal Gupta
41June1999Akalpur, Jammu9High School Student ArtistesMotilal Gupta
42June1999POC, Kochi, Kerala21Religious Men & WomenAnand IMS
43June1999ISD, Mangalore, Karnataka24Social Workers & CatechistsAnand IMS
44August1999Lok Chetana Samiti, Varanasi15Social Workers & ArtistesMotilal Gupta
45August1999CMS School, Lucknow40School StudentsAnand IMS & Sandeep
46September1999AIDA, Golaghat, Assam32Social Workers & Village YouthMotilal Gupta & Prabhakar IMS
47September1999Salesian College, Dimapur, Nagaland39Students of TheologyMotilal Gupta & Prabhakar IMS
48September1999NISCORT, Gurgaon, Delhi16Media StudentsAnand IMS
49September1999Nav Sadhana, Varanasi40Social Workers of Caritas IndiaMotilal Gupta & Prabhakar IMS
50December1999Nav Sadhana, Varanasi10Social WorkersAnand IMS & Ashish Khare
51January2000Kumarikata, Assam38Social Workers & Village YouthAnand IMS & Amit Khare
52March2000Sasaram, Bihar32Social Workers & Village YouthMotilal Gupta
53April2000Umran, Meghalaya45Social Workers & Village YouthAnand IMS
54May2000CMS School, Lucknow42School StudentsAnand IMS, Amit Khare & Naveen
55May2000Tindini, Mandla, MP25Social Workers & Village YouthMotilal Gupta
56August2000Nav Sadhana, Varanasi40Religious Men & WomenAnand IMS
57August2000Meja, Allahabad24Social WorkersMotilal Gupta
58August2000Sundar Baghia, BHU, Varanasi22Slum ChildrenAmit Khare & Vivek
59September2000Pastoral Centre, Bandra, Mumbai17Social Activists of Caritas IndiaAnand IMS
60September2000Ghatampur, UP24Social WorkersMotilal Gupta & Virchand IMS
61September2000Poliganj, Uttarakhand39Social Workers & Village YouthMotilal Gupta
62October2000Guwahati, Assam26Women ActivistsAnand IMS
63November2000Dumduma, Assam51StudentsMotilal Gupta & Virchand IMS
64November2000Salesian College, Dimapur, Nagaland30Students of PhilosophyMotilal Gupta & Virchand IMS
65December2000Daltonganj, Jharkhand31Social Workers & SeminariansMotilal Gupta & Virchand IMS
66January2001Bajardiha, Varanasi15Slum ChildrenAmit Khare & Vivek
67August2001Khandwa, MP36Social ActivistsAnand IMS
68September2001Sasaram, Bihar12Village YouthMotilal Gupta
69October2001Kasiadih, Jharkhand16Social WorkersAnand IMS & Motilal Gupta
70October2001Social Forum, Guwahati, Assam34Social Activists (DDC)Anand IMS
71December2001Udai Pratap College, Varanasi19College StudentsAnand IMS & Amit Khare
72December2001Udai Pratap College, Varanasi19College StudentsAnand IMS & Amit Khare
73January2002Nav Sadhana, Varanasi42Social Activists (UKSVK)Anand IMS
74January2002Almora, Uttarakhand24Social WorkersMotilal Gupta & Virchand IMS
75March2002IMS Minor Seminary, Teresapur, UP30StudentsVirchand IMS
76March2002Samarpan, Lohta, Varanasi28Religious WomenAnand IMS
77March2002Pastoral Centre, Khandwa, MP36S.W. & YouthAnand IMS
78March2002Barduria, Arunanchal Pradesh28YouthVirchand IMS & Akash Khare
79March2002Bible School, Tinsukia, Assam34Bible StudentsVirchand IMS & Akash Khare
80April2002Karsang Takar, Sadiya, Assam 24Missing Tribal LeadersAnand IMS
81May2002St Gabriels, Jabalpur, MP17Religious MenAnand IMS
82August2002Udai Pratap College, Varanasi20NCC CadetsAmit Khare
83August2002Barhaj, Deoria, UP17Social WorkersV. Bose & Amit Khare
84October2002Kiran Centre, Madhopur, Varanasi18Handicapped ChildrenAmit Khare
85October2002FMM Novitiate, Ramnagar, UP13NovicesVirchand IMS
86November2002St Joseph School, Varanasi32High School StudentsAmit Khare
87December2002Kiran Centre, Madhopur, Varanasi15Handicapped ChildrenVivek Gupta
88December2002Lal Girija, Varanasi, UP25Christian YouthAnand IMS
89February2003Itarhi, Buxar, Bihar26Social ActivistsAnand IMS & Amit Khare
90February2003DSSC, Uttaretia, Lucknow12Social ActivistsAnand IMS
91March2003Nav Sadhana, Varanasi24Social ActivistsAnand IMS
92March2003Holy Cross, Quilon, Kerala32StudentsAnand IMS
93March2003Holy Cross, Quilon, Kerala27Religious PersonnelAnand IMS
94May2003Haldwani, Uttarakhand28School ChildrensMotilal Gupta & Kusum Mishra
95May2003Murumkela, Gumla, Jharkhand28Village YouthAnand IMS
96June2003Salempur, UP22School ChildrensMotilal Gupta & Kusum Mishra
97July2003Ranchi (Caritas), Jharkhand28Social ActivistsAnand IMS & Motilal Gupta
98July2003CREDA, Mirzapur, UP24Village ChildrenPraveen IMS & Amit Khare
99September2003Hindu Study Centre, Varanasi, UP16MissionariesAnand IMS
100August2003Balasore, Odissa21Drama ArtistesMotilal Gupta

You are welcome to approach us for conducting street play workshops and to form Street Play
Troupes in your place.
No. of days: 6 to 8 days.
No. of participants: 20 to 40 people.

Inform us three months in