Training in Culture & Language

An exposure to Hindi Language and North Indian Culture

Language is basis to communication. VJC has been regularly conducting crash courses in Hindi Language and phonetics. This course is an exposure to the north Indian culture for those who come from non-Hindi areas with a desire to serve the Hindi people. The teaching is supported with audio visual techniques.

Training in Folk Songs and Folk Music

Besides training in Hindi language VJC organizes training in folk music, folk singing and other folk arts as its mission of promoting local culture. For many centuries music have been a great media of communication and invite the listeners to enter into the problems as well, interact with each other. VJC is effectively involved in training the animators through awareness songs and has found that these have a powerful effect to enter into contact with the people and to deal with the present situation of our society. In the recent years the Prerana Kala Manch of VJC has powerfully conveyed social messages through catchy songs in local tunes. Prerana Kala Manch has become an effective well-known group in giving new insights to the listeners as well as creating an atmosphere of social change especially in Uttar Pradesh and in most parts of North India.